February 6, 2013

Yep, it’s a thin market out there!

Wouldn’t it be great if customers found what you did online and then woo’ed you?

I often have people stop me and ask me how I can be everywhere at once. And, how I can have so much time to spend on social media. The interesting thing is that I’m really not all over the place. I just strategically post throughout the day on a variety of sites because I believe in thin market concept.

How many people are actually out there actively looking for what you do on a daily basis? According to thin market concept, not many and they change all the time. People make decisions to purchase or to hire someone based on their need that moment so they need to see your message with some frequency. In my past life in print advertising, we used to say a prospect needed to see your message 2.5 times before they’d even remember what you said let alone think of you. But that was before the creation of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Four Square (and too many other sites to name). Since consumers are bombarded with ads, status updates and tweets every day, you need to be everywhere at once- or at least look like you are.

Recently, I was contacted by a middle school friend. I haven’t seen her since we ran into each other at a bar the weekend of our ten year reunions (we went to different high schools) however, we did connect on Facebook. She’s a casual social media user posting infrequently and she’s never commented on any of my status updates or liked any of my posts that I can tell. But, she did see a post that I wrote a few weeks ago that I was working with a new website designer and launching my own social media consulting firm. She PM’ed me that she’d like to know more about the website guy and my services as well. We had a prospect.

Social media works. It allows you to promote your business consistently to a large number of people on a daily basis. If you’re strategic about how you post and come up with a plan, you can capture your part of that thin market.




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