August 8, 2013

So what if google maps is the most used smartphone app

If you keep up with technology at all, you will have noticed that this week a list of the top smartphone apps came out.  According to Global Web Index data, at the top of that list sits Google Maps.  I’ve read and seen 100 stories, Facebook updates, Tweets, Google Plus posts, and several info-graphics.  No one has said why it’s a big deal, not one person.  So hopefully I’m on the cutting edge here.

google-local G+ and Local logos are copyrights of Google Inc.It seems to me that if I am a business owner and I have a brick and mortar store, it would behoove me to do everything I can to make sure my Google Local listing is correct.  Let me put this into perspective for you.  If there were 100,000 people in your town that use smart phones, 54,000 of them would more than likely search for your business using Google Maps.  This begs the question: Do you know if your listing is correct on Google Maps?  With the integration of Google Plus into Local/Places you would also have 30,000 people in your town that might search for you using Google Plus.  Do you have a Google Local/Places page?  Granted, there’s going to be some overlap with these people.  Conservatively, you’re looking at reaching 57% of your customer base by making sure that your listing is correct on Google. To tell you the truth, with Google Local/Places being in transition, we’re having trouble getting our listing to its optimal performance.  We’ve had a Google Local listing for so long that we’re still stuck in the old dashboard, while most of our clients have the new dashboard giving them more control over what their potential clients sees.West

tomtom-onstar logos are owed by their perspective companiesThere are thousands of local search engines on the Internet.  Google indexes these search engines to get a baseline for who you are and what you do, and check it against their own information that they may have on Google Maps.  You also have to be aware of their services like Tom Tom, and OnStar. How do they get your information?  People with these types of services and devices are your ideal clients.  They obviously have money to spend on the services and therefore have money to spend with you.

How many of your potential clients are you leaving in the dark?  What are you going to do about it?  Your options are: A. Spend hours submitting your information to local search engines, not to mention finding the right ones to submit to in the first place, or B. Hire a professional to do it.  Either way I hope I’ve highlighted the importance of taking a proactive role in helping your ideal client find your business.

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