January 18, 2013

Now’s the time to get that social marketing plan working

We’re a full week into 2013 which means you’re back at work hitting it hard trying to make the magic of the new year happen. Hopefully, you’ve come up with a business plan and have mapped it all out. But did you know, most business owners fail to focus on the marketing components- specifically social marketing? Now’s the time to start.

By now I’m sure you have a business Facebook page and have been tweeting with regularity (if not, now’s the time to start). You’ve probably also dabbled a little on Linked In and played on Pinterest (which is an excellent tool to drive blog traffic BTW). And if you’re savvy you’ve discovered that Google+ has incredible search potential that can drive traffic to your site. But, have you come up with a strategy on how to use them to engage your current customers and find some new ones?

Here are some handy tips to get you started:

  1. Spend some time figuring out who your clients are and the type of content that sparks their interest.
  2. Come up with a marketing calendar. Look at your business and figure out what you’d like to promote. Map it out.
  3. Think through when you schedule your posts. The point of social media is conversation. If no one’s online (or you don’t go back to check) you’re not interacting.
  4. Be consistent. If you’d like people to follow you, give them ample opportunity to connect.
  5. Re-evaluate consistently. Social media is constantly changing. Adjust your plan according to new trends (or in the case of Facebook new rules).
  6. If all else fails (or you don’t have time to focus or the resources to hire a dedicated professional to do so for your business), don’t be afraid to invest in some help. Hiring a social media coordinator to assist you is a wise investment.

Whatever you do, don’t wait to get started. Many of your competitors have figured out that they can generate business and buzz online. The more you drag your feet, the more market share they acquire.

Deb Clem-Buckert is a local blogger and owner of a soon-to-be named conversation marketing firm. You can read her every week at www.debcb.com.

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