App Development

Our name is somewhat misleading. We build websites and unique custom built apps.

Types of Apps

  • Type of App
  • Internet needed to connect
  • E-commerce possible
  • Available on Play and iTunes stores

Web App

  • Web App
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • No
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  • Web App, optimized for mobile devices
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Posibly
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  • Objective-C, or Java
  • Not Always
  • Yes
  • Yes
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Web sites built starting with the User Interface(UI) perform better. Find out what that can do for your business.

Application Development Services

In this day and age, the significance of applications is rapidly growing that plays a vital role in online business. I Just Want A Site, a web application developer in Kansas City offers a wide range of application development services in Kansas City for its enterprise and business customers.

Every app we create starts with a free strategy session. We sit and talk and answer questions Like … Do you even need an app? How will the app generate revenue? We always care for our customers and thrive to offer a plethora of applications that suits for all kinds and make of devices that help the businesses to enhance their business growth.

As a renowned application developer in Kansas City, we always provide potential and professional application development services using our vast experience and deep knowledge of applications. Our primary and utmost focus will always be on improving the ROI on every dime of our customers they spend to increase revenue and business establishment.

What are you waiting for? Contact us and sit with one of our app consultants today.

Web Application Development

You probably use a web application every day and don’t even think about it.

One you might be familiar with Facebook. Simply put all a web app is is a website with a function. It may have a place to log in to access certain types of content. Are you looking out to have an web application? We are the right choice for you to develop web application to improve your business and stay ahead of industry competitors.

We offer affordable, quality and professional customized application development services for our business clients. Our web app development services would always serve a purpose for you that helps in improving your customer base and fulfilling their requirements.

What idea do you have? What process in your business would you like to streamline?

What is your million dollar idea look like. Let’s sit down and talk today.

Mobile Application Development

The usage of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has been hiking with rocketing speed and are predicted to replace the desktops and laptops.

Also, the number of people shopping online and making payments through mobile devices is also significantly growing vertically with rapid speed. This gives you an idea about the importance of mobile devices.

The reason behind this is the kind of mobile applications serving our purpose, enabling us to make various actions just sitting back at home. I Just Want A Site, a mobile app development company in Kansas City has been successfully serving our clients with a variety of mobile applications.

Our mobile application development services cater various type of applications that suits all kinds of mobile devices. We are a renowned iOS and Android app development company offering mobile app development services to diversified businesses. We also provide custom mobile apps that fulfils the purpose of your business and your customers. Also, our mobile app development services help you in enhancing ROI of your business.

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